JOYland is our Sunday morning experience for kids. We emphasize three basic truths: I can know God (J for Jesus), build healthy friendships (O for Others), and make wise choices (Y for You).

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VBS is going to be AMPED this year!  Jesus said “I have come that they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.” (John 10:10, NIrV) That is what getting AMPED is all about! Jesus wants us to live fully alive because we can believe that what He says is true! This summer as we learn what it means to be AMPED and live fully alive, we want kids to know a few things! 

We want kids to know that

• God is with you.

• God has a plan for you.

• Jesus is alive!

• You are part of a bigger story.

Are you ready to find your place in that story and live fully alive!? Mark AMPED VBS on your Calendars…June 25-29!


Through songs, crafts, story-time and play preschoolers learn that God loves them and the Bible is a practical guidebook for life. We provide at-home devotional materials that you can use throughout the week to talk to your children about God.


For the big kids, we learn about God through fun-filled, interactive experiences in a captivating environment. In small groups, we focus on building friendships and learning how the Bible applies to our everyday lives.


This month in JOYland we are talking about Peace. When Adam and Eve decided that their way was better than God’s way and broke His rule, they changed the relationship between God and His creation. Where once everything and everyone could be in the presence of God, now we were at odds with Him. God could have done anything He wanted, including wiping us out and starting over. But instead God decided to make peace with us through his son, Jesus. When Jesus died and rose from the dead, He paid the price for everything that was wrong and unfair in this world. Because of Jesus, we can have peace. And we can reflect the character of Christ by caring for others and making peace! 


As a parent, You have the greatest impact in your child's life when it comes to spiritual formation. We want to support and equip you in the journey. Check out our event calendar for upcoming family fun nights, parenting seminars, and free childcare events!