Life Groups

Life Groups are one of the central ways to plug into community at CCC. We believe that people are created to be in relationship with one another, and that we grow best when we are in fellowship with others who, while not perfect, are trying to become more and more like Jesus. We are intentional about putting people into communities where they can build lasting relationships that are characterized by love, humility, and service. That’s what the groups are all about.

What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are intergenerational and multi-demographic small groups of people (about 12-15) who meet throughout the city to build community. Discussion is sermon-based in most groups. Every week church leadership provides discussion questions that help the groups go deeper into the weekly teaching. Periodically, groups may be formed around specific topics. Groups are encouraged to practice key spiritual disciplines, such as corporate prayer, together.

Why a Life Group?

In small groups, people build relationships of vulnerability, accountability, and encouragement, i.e., they develop discipleship relationships that help to facilitate growth into the character of Jesus. Living life with others allows us to share in worship, outreach, and practice corporate disciplines, such as prayer and sermon discussion. And, let’s face it, we all come to points in life where we need others to come alongside us, and even to pick us up off the ground, during rough times. Groups are where this all happens.

What Should I Expect?

When you join a Life Group, expect to find a group of ordinary people who are committed to extraordinarily good news. This good news is that our lives can be transformed by entering into a relationship with Jesus and by putting on his character. We can live an abundant life of faith, hope, and love that is free from fear, anxiety, guilt, or shame. It can be messy, and doesn’t happen overnight, but expect to join with people helping one another pursue this way of living.

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