Current Series

Ruth | Love That Never Fails

God works in ways ordinary and extraordinary to bring about his plans in our lives. His plans for us are good, and even when we walk through dark valleys, he is right there with us. Join us for a four-week series through the book of Ruth, where we will see God working in the lives of some ordinary people who experience tragedy. We will experience both loss and the goodness of redemption right along with them. 
A Why to Live For

This is a stand alone message from one of our presbyters, Dave Rodriguez.

Because He Lives

God accomplished the impossible on our behalf in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In this three-week Easter series we will learn together that the Resurrection tells us undeniably that God is for us, will transform us, and give us hope in whatever circumstances.


Entrusting God with our finances is a formative encounter with him. It sets us free from being owned by the things we own, transforms who we are, and furthers God’s kingdom purposes. In this series, we will explore the importance of giving, not only for how God uses it to change the world (and he does!), but also how he uses giving to change us. Finally, we will discover some practical ways to grow in the gift of giving right here at CCC.


This year's annual book study is on "Befriend" by Scott Sauls. In this series we will be challenged to embrace and develop friendships with others as we create a culture of belonging. Books may be purchased in the lobby or City Cafe for $10.


Advent is a time of expectation and anticipation of the coming of Jesus. We await with reverence and humility the day we celebrate his Incarnation. In this series, we will explore major characters of the advent narrative, including Mary, the shepherds, the magi, and the infant Jesus. We will learn how God revived people then and continues to do so now through calling, significance, generosity, and redemption. 

Everything We Need

Our world is wired, in many ways, to remind us what it is that we lack, in possessions, ability, or relationships. We are admonished to always be seeking something more, and find ourselves coming up short time and again. In this series, we will come face-to-face with the reality that those who follow Jesus already have everything we need. We lack in nothing because we have his presence, protection, and provision. We will together explore Psalm 23 and contemplate these remarkable realities that God offers to us.


The number of people who identify with no religion is growing sharply, especially amongst millennials. Americans’ level of religious commitment has plummeted sharply, and it is essential that followers of Jesus understand, with honesty, the reasons for the decline. In this series, we will explore this recent phenomenon and propose six ways of living that highlight the winsomeness and attractiveness of following Jesus in an era like ours and, indeed, in any era. 


This Sunday we celebrated six baptisms during our service! This is the teaching from that morning.