Current Series

The WHY? Series

We cannot help but ask questions, big questions. It’s part of how we are wired. Does God exist? Why do bad things happen to good people? How do we know which religion is true? Or, are they all true? Are the words of the Bible reliable? So much hangs on our response to these and other big questions in life. In this series, we will explore them together, and along the way learn why faith in Jesus makes sense of our biggest questions and our deepest longings.


This Sunday we celebrated six baptisms during our service! This is the teaching from that morning.


This is a quarterly rotation of messages in which our pastors will share our vision for the development of CCC.

Nehemiah | Restore. Rebuild. Revive.

Brokenness is a reality in our world. We find it in places of injustice, families, cities, and inside each of us.  Yet, the good news of Jesus is that brokenness can be restored and healing can found. Join us in this series on restoration and revival through the book of Nehemiah. We will encounter a man of prayer, action, and resilience whom God called to rebuild walls, both literally and spiritually. We will learn to foster eyes to see brokenness and courage to rebuild as co-laborers with God in his kingdom.


- a weekend to celebrate the foundation and future of our church -

Beyond Us

In this series, we want people to experience worship with more depth and transcendence beyond our ordinary experience. To that end, we will teach about the heart of worship, how we experience God’s presence, and what it means to respond to him. We hope that people will worship in a fresh way and with renewed wonder at the goodness of God as we gather. 

Jesus Encounters

People have searched at all times and in all places for something that matters right down to the core of who we are. Two millennia ago in a humble and unassuming corner of the globe, a man came preaching the kingdom of heaven. His person, life, and mission would soon transform the hearts of men, women, and children the world over. This man is Jesus. His way is a life spent knowing God, walking with him, and being transformed from the inside out. Join us for this crucial series as we take a closer look at this man, Jesus, and his redemptive way of life.


Transformational Giving

In this series, we will explore how giving transforms not only the circumstances of the recipient, but also the spiritual life of the giver. We will learn how giving transforms our faith, hearts, and values. Along the way, we will see that giving is not just about a transfer of resources from one person to another but, indeed, about generosity of the heart.

All the Places to Go

In this series, we will be reading through "All the Places to Go" by John Ortberg. Through this seven week series, we will learn more about the will of God and specifically the open doors He is inviting us to walk through. Books may be purchased Sunday at our City Cafe for $10.

Presbyters' Meeting

Our annual Presbyters' Meeting took place on January 19th.  Each of our presbyters (overseers from outside the church) shared a brief message followed by a time of Q&A.